8 WEAPONS Muay Thai Shorts - Meow Thai
8 WEAPONS Muay Thai Shorts - Meow Thai
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8 WEAPONS Muay Thai Shorts - Meow Thai

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    Ready for the ultimate kick? Bring color into the ring with the brand new "Meow Thai" Muay Thai shorts by 8 WEAPONS! Decorated in blue and purple and decorated with high-quality cat patches, these shorts are not only stylish but also functional. The elastic waistband ensures a perfect fit and maximum freedom of movement while you move through your training like a big cat.
    Equipped with a very elastic waistband, the "Meow Thai" shorts offer optimum comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement.

    • Handcrafted in Bangkok to a very high standard.
    • Very flexible waistband for a perfect fit
    • Widely cut legs for perfect freedom of movement
    • Double Stitching
    • Patches on front and sides
    • Wash only inside out and at a maximum of 30 degrees

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