8 WEAPONS Heavy Bag, Unlimited, black, 180cm
8 WEAPONS Heavy Bag, Unlimited, black, 180cm
8 WEAPONS Heavy Bag, Unlimited, black, 180cm
8 WEAPONS Heavy Bag, Unlimited, black, 180cm
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8 WEAPONS Heavy Bag, Unlimited, black, 180cm

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    The punching bag Unlimited is a training tool for the whole body. On this bag you can train all techniques hard and intensively. The sturdy and tear-resistant synthetic leather is machine-filled with torn textile material to ensure an even punch feeling. The suspension consists of 6 wide nylon straps that end in metal eyelets. This makes the bag much quieter than punching bags with chain suspensions. For even load distribution, we have attached another nylon strap around the punching bag and connected it to the retaining straps. The bag is closed with a high-quality zipper.

    At the bottom of the 8 WEAPONS punching bag a holding eyelet is sewn in to limit the movement with a weight if necessary. Therefore, the punching bag can be hung even in very small rooms. We recommend a sturdy blanket for attachment. Carabiner and swivel are not included.

    Product features:
    Tear resistant synthetic leather
    Quiet and stable belt suspension
    Evenly machine filled
    Bottom eyelet to limit movement
    Weight approx. 60 Kg
    Dimensions: 180x35cm

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